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Popular Treatments

We provide individualized, one-to-one treatments based on each client's specific needs and impairments. A variety of services are currently available to reduce pain and assist clients with arthritis, osteoporosis, posture imbalances, back or neck pain, sciatica, fractures, joint replacements, neurological rehabilitation, and running or sports injuries. We can help you with post-operative recovery and healing or better yet, avoid surgery. Click on any image for a larger view and more photos.

Manual Therapy
Joint and soft tissue mobilization and/or myofascial treatments help to increase blood flow and release restricted tissues in the body to provide relief from pain and expedite healing.
Therapeutic Exercise
Development of specific exercise programs based on individual biomechanics and impairments.
Foot and Ankle
Biomechanical Evaluation
Specific tests analyze and provide feedback on foot type and mechanics that can significantly impact symptoms in the ankles, knees, hips, and lower back, from which specific treatment programs and footwear prescriptions are developed.
Golf Fitness & Rehab
Certified Titleist Golf Fitness Instructor Dave Ochsendorf evaluates strength, flexibility, and balance limitations then develops specific programs to increase golf swing efficiency, improve performance, and prevent injury.
Rotator Cuff Rehab
Specific balance of strength and mobility in all relevant muscles and joints is facilitated within the parameters of each patient's physician's protocol to rehabilitate shoulders after surgery – or better yet avoid surgery.
Vestibular Program/Balance Training/Fall Prevention
Full evaluation of all related systems in balance and gait to develop programs, which increase strength, confidence, and stability that can help prevent future falls.
Laser Therapy
Class IV laser therapy using photobiomodulation to relieve pain, decrease inflammation, and accelerate healing.
Running Program

A thorough biomechanical, footwear, and training program evaluation to correct abnormalities, treat injuries and develop injury prevention programs.

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Arthritis Program
Stretching and strengthening programs to help reduce joint forces and relieve arthritis-related symptoms.
Spinal Rehab
Thorough evaluation of spinal mobility and stability, core strength, muscular flexibility and biomechanics is conducted to identify the cause of spinal pain and provide feedback for an effective rehabilitation program.
Our wellness program is a monthly membership designed for patients who have completed their physical therapy plan at SKSPT.  We will provide you with an individualized program so you can continue exercising in a familiar environment using equipment you are comfortable with.
Pain Modalties
We offer pain management modalities including ultrasound, electrical stimulation, cold packs, moist heat, and laser therapy